Atlas Motor Works  
Thank you for your interest in our Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize entry.

In the course of our participation in the  X-Prize we've met some of the most dynamic, brilliant and compassionate people going: many different minds called to a common goal of clean, safe and affordable transportation.

It is with great pride that our passion for this automotive revolution continues.

We at Team Psycho-Active have joined forces with Team Global-E in bringing to fruition a common vision of a solidly engineered automobile built for passion and longevity.  

Our Ducted Blade Rotary Engine has spawned Atlas Motor Works, a corporation dedicated soley to the development of an engine with the power of a Hemi, at 100+ miles per gallon.

We recommend visiting any of the aforementioned pages for more up-to-date information on our progress.

For posterity you can also browse the original  web presence of Team Psycho-Active.

Thanks again for visiting  our website and your continued interest in things that are clean and mean!

John Robitaille
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