TPA is working to develop what will be known as the EPOCH: a highly customizable and serviceable pneumatic / multi-fuel hybrid destined to  achieve new levels of efficiency, safety, pride and excitement. The main design emphasis is on economy, serviceability, longevity and symmetry. Every effort is made to reduce and optimize the parts individually and as a system. The focus on symmetry from the start will go a long way to achieve this goal.  Every functionally-similar highly-optimized part be the same.  Symmetry also will allow placement to the drivetrain in the front, rear, or BOTH!

At its core is a revolutionary engine dubbed the DBRE.  The DBRE's unique characteristics allow the EPOCH to use most commercially available fuels and/or  COMPRESSED AIR!  The DBRE will propel the EPOCH via an unique constantly-variable transmission (CVT) with a  multi-plate clutch built for ABUSE!  Orchestrated by a  simple but comprehensive Drive Control Unit (DCU) will result in an efficient, smooth, powerful and exhilarating driving experience. The suspension will be highly compliant, adjustable and adaptable to the owner desires. Progressively suspension, adjustable ride height & ’sag’, active compression & rebound dampening are part of the EPOCH’s vision.

It doesn’t matter how fun a car is if it isn’t safe. The passenger cabin will effectivly be a 'roll cage' that attaches to the full frame via sheer bolts.  Along with the usual crumple-zones,  TPA plans to  introduce new features to increase passenger safety at a remarkable price-point. It doesn't matter how exciting or safe a car is if you don't love how it looks!  TPA realizes how personal this is.  We do not plan on being in the body-business.  Rather we will look to vendors to provide several bodys the customer can choose from. Think of the options available for the venerable VW Bug.

Properly designed from the start it is anticipated that in ten years, when a part does fail, it will be replaced with a current production part that has seen ten years of refinement. Cost reduction in production means cutting corners.  While this doesn't sound like selling point,  the parts will be engineered to allow modification of the parts to achieve higher levels of performance.   For instance an plain bearing will have enough meat to accept a bushing or a bearing. With longevity in mind, it is expected that the aftermarket will embrace the EPOCH and prove a source for higher performance parts than OEM.

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